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      Cathy J.

      "I had a frozen shoulder and Dr. Saracina knew just what to do! She got me up and running again in no time.  She is amazing and gifted. SOOO glad I didn't go the traditional route with this! I would go to her again - just hope I don't have to!"

      Sarah J.

      "I was recently vacationing in Cape Carteret, NC when I hurt my back.  Everything hurt.  I was difficult to do many things including drive.  I thought for sure my vacation was ruined, but Atlantic Chiropractic and Rehab's concierge service came to my rescue.  Dr. Saracina traveled to me and I didn't have to endure a painful car ride.  Within hours I felt significantly better and was able to enjoy the rest of my vacation.  Such an awesome service to provide.  I would definitely recommend Atlantic Chiropractic and Rehab to anyone living or traveling to this area."

      Kristy V.

      "Dr. Saracina was great, she was very caring and friendly.  If it wasn't for her, my vacation would have been ruined.  She was definitely a life-saver helping with my back pain.  She was very easy to talk to and figured out what I need right away.  Many thanks to Dr. Saracina!!!!!"

      Leroy & Tiff M.

      "Dr. Saracina has helped my 13yr old soccer player with her knees and hips. My daughter enjoys going to see her and feels great after her sessions, she has given us a means to help manage her growing pains in a natural way. I just started seeing Dr. Saracina and I can tell her work is going to help my hip and back pain, I feel better already. Keep her in mind for any kind of pain you need help with, she is not your typical chiropractor."

      Nicole L.

      "Dr. Saracina is professional and has excellent bedside manner. My son injured his back while squatting and Dr. Saracina had him feeling better in no time at all. I recommend Atlantic Chiropractic to all my friends."

      Danny S.

      "First visit today with Dr. Saracina and she was great. I've been an exercise fanatic my entire life and... at 64, a runner, weight lifter, paddle boarder, biker and with past lumbar surgery... Dr. Saracina's comprehensive evaluation before "jumping in" coupled with her listening and analysis skills have me looking forward to working with her...and my spine can't wait for the outcome!"

      Angelia M.

      "Last June I was involved in an auto accident that soon landed me at Dr.Saracina's office due to neck and back pain as well as headaches. She was absolutely great! She very quickly sent me for an xray so she could see exactly what we were dealing with and how she could start my treatment. It is very obvious that this is her calling! She was very patient with me in explaining the damage that had been done and how she would work with me to help me feel more like myself again. And everything she did, certainly helped!

      Knowing my passion for running, she knew my concerns about what the future might hold due to the accident. She advised me to allow myself to heal and take it very slow. I listened to her and today I am so glad I did! I am now training for my first half marathon since the accident. Many Thanks to Dr. Saracina!!!! Dr. Saracina is not only a GREAT Chiropractor, but a GREAT person as well."

      Sandra F.

      "I can't sing the praises of Dr. Saracina enough ! I have struggled with acute achilles tendonitis since an injury over 4 yrs. ago, and could not walk without pain ! She used the Graston technique on both achilles, and I am overjoyed because now I can walk up and down steps, ride a bike, and even jog on the beach now!! Wearing "the boot" while injured also gave me hip pain, and she is working her magic on that as well! She has literally given me my life back, and I am forever grateful to her! Thank you from the bottom of my heart !!"

      Mila M.

      "Dr. Saracina and her staff at Atlantic Chiropractic and Rehab are extremely caring and compassionate. They truly took the time to help me find out what my problem was, what her procedures were and how they were going to help me. I would highly recommend them."

      Amanda S.

      "The team at Atlantic Chiropractic does such a great job! I would highly recommend Dr. Christina Saracina to anyone."

      Kathy P.

      "Excellent customer service...definitely professional environment and professional doctor. I would use this service again if needed and would highly recommend Dr. Saracina to my friends and family. Her expertise helped my health issues."

      Cindy R.

      "After a nasty fall and trying to deal with it on my own for 3 weeks I was recommended here. My back was hurting so bad I had to have help. After 2 Weeks of treatment I was feeling so much better. Love Dr. Saracina. She has been so awesome to me."

      Teresa B.

      "I Love this place! So happy to finally find out why I've been in so much pain! She takes the time to explain everything !! I'd recommend Dr. Saracina anyone!"

      Michael H.

      "It is always refreshing to an "old-timer" such as myself when I come across a service provider with both a sincere work ethic and a competent skill set such as Dr. Saracina. She has successfully helped me (and helped me to "help myself") recover from a disabling lower back injury. In short, I highly recommend her and and her organization to all who are looking a personalized rehab solution."

      Evelyn G.

      "I would recommend Dr. Saracina and Atlantic Chiropractic without reservation. I was impressed with how she really listened and to me and explained what was causing my neck pain and how chiropractic care would help-And it did!!! I had been dealing with neck pain for over a year now, I had tried physical therapy, medication, even acupuncture to no avail. Within 6 weeks I was sleeping through the night and not waking in pain several times a night for the first time in months."

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