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      Welcome Betsi to Atlantic Chiropractic

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      Welcome Betsi to Atlantic Chiropractic

      On your next visit to Dr. Saracina’s chiropractic office in Cape Carteret, NC, you’ll get to meet Betsi. She joined Atlantic Chiropractic as a receptionist for Dr. Christina Saracina in November 2021 and is enjoying the challenge of learning something new!

      Betsi grew up in Richmond, VA where she attended Virginia Commonwealth University and worked for HCA Corporation at one of their local hospitals.

      After meeting and marrying her husband, they moved to Raleigh, NC where they lived for several years before deciding to move to the Emerald Isle, NC area of the North Carolina coast. Both she and her husband enjoy the warm weather, being outdoors and, most especially the waterfront.

      Additionally, Betsi is a cancer survivor of 11 and a half years! So maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important to her. Walking or hiking is a favorite activity that she shares with her husband and they do this as often as possible. The feel so lucky to live in a part of North Carolina where most would like to vacation!

      “So happy we chose to move to the Emerald Isle, NC area. Looking forward to discovering more of the Crystal Coast, making new friends, relaxing on the beach, playing golf and enjoying what life brings us”. ~ Betsi