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      Injury from Car Accident

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      "I was involved in an auto accident that soon landed me at Dr. Saracina's office due to neck and back pain as well as headaches. She was very patient with me in explaining the damage that had been done and how she would work with me... I listened to her and today I am so glad I did! I am now training for my first half marathon since the accident. Many Thanks to Dr. Saracina ... not only a GREAT Chiropractor, but a GREAT person as well."

      Angelia M

      Injuries Can Appear Days After an Accident

      The car accident that caused your whiplash may fade into a memory, however, the debilitating effects of whiplash can linger. Chiropractic care is well-suited to relieving the pain and other other debilitating effects of whiplash injuries.

      Chiropractic care works by restoring movement lost after the accident, restore movement lost after the accident, relieving pain and stiffness, relieving headaches, speeding recovery, and diminishing chronic symptoms that can continue or recur over the years.

      Things to do Immediately After An Accident

      • Immediately tend to your injuries, if you have to, go to the ER, Urgent Care, or your Family Physician.
      • Report the accident to the police, and your own insurance company.
      • Schedule an exam or consultation with Atlantic Chiropractic within 24 hours, even if your feel your injuries are minor. A consultation is always free of charge. Dr. Saracina understands the unique injuries caused by car accidents, she has been serving Eastern North Carolina for over 9 years. Since there is never charge for a consultation with the doctor, there is no reason not to schedule an appointment after every accident or injury.
      • Consult with an attorney, make sure you know and understand your rights. Many attorneys provide an initial consultation at no charge. If needed we can provide a list of attorney’s with extensive experience.
      • Do not provide statements about the accident to anyone but the police or your attorney.
      • Do not miss your scheduled chiropractic or other medical appointments, this may create the false impression that your injuries are not serious, you are not making your best effort to get well, or you may make your injuries worse by failing to be compliant with recommended treatment.
      • Do not sign any documents regarding the accident without consulting with an attorney. Insurance companies will often try to get you to sign a release from additional liability by offering a small amount of money (typically a few hundred dollars). If you sign a release you cannot go back and ask for more money even if you are still hurt, or your injuries worsen, which may happen if you leave your injuries untreated.

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