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      Plantars Fasciitis

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      "In my neck, I have 2 bulging discs and 2 with degenerative disc disease plus arthritis and bone spurs. A 2015 visit to a surgeon told me that I would need a fusion surgery. Yikes! I decided to visit Dr. Saracina first and she has treated me ever since! I've been able to remain extremely active without surgery. Thanks Dr. Saracina!"

      Anthony M.

      Care For Plantars Fasciitis

      The plantars fascia is a thick band of tissue that connects your heel bone to your toes, and helps support the arch of your foot.  If you have strained the fascia the tissue becomes inflamed and results in pain at the heel or bottom of your foot. This repeated inflammation results in a scar tissue build up around the plantar fascia.  The buildup of scar tissue creates friction around the tendon sheath increasing pain and inflammation, especially at the heel.

      Dr. Saracina‚Äôs protocal is to assess and treat the scar tissue. During your visits, she will determine if you have functional movement issues in the foot, heel, knee, hips or pelvis that are contributing to your pain.  She will also coach you through stretches and exercises that have been shown to help patients recover quicker. Kinesio taping is often applied between therapy visits to provide support and assist in decreasing pain and inflammation.

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