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      If You’re Injured on Vacation

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      "Dr. Saracina saved my vacation. She worked me in within an hour, spent over an hour evaluating and treating my severe lower back pain."

      Matt Gunnet

      Injuries Happen On Vacation Too

      It’s not unusual for prolonged sitting to cause low back pain, and even nerve impingement which can cause pain to travel into your hip, buttocks, or down your leg to your foot.  When you sit you put more pressure on your low back than you do when you stand.  Even if you have never had back pain prolonged car rides, especially if you are in a hurry to get to the beach and have not taken frequent breaks, can be a recipe for low back pain and / or pinched nerves. While car manufacturers have improved the ergonomics of their seats, even those with adjustable lumbar supports are still not one size fits all.  So try to build small breaks into your travel time, stop every hour for 10-15 minutes to get out walk around and do some light stretching, I know you are in a rush to get to your destination, but your body will thank you.

      How to Adjust Your Car Seat: Save Your Back

      1. Move the seat close enough so that you can reach and depress the pedals without leaning or stretching forward and pulling away from the seat-back.
      2. The lumbar support should be in your low back, around or just above the belt line. Note that in some cases, especially with shorter individuals, the lumbar support may be too high on the lower back. If this happens to you, it is best to use a small pillow, folded towel, or a lumbar support pillow.
      3. Your seat-back should be between 100 and 110 degrees, with your hands easily resting on the steering wheel with a slight bend in your elbows, your shoulders should not come forward for you to reach the steering wheel.
      4. The top of your headrest should be at the middle of your head.

      Arriving at your destination

      Once you reach your destination, avoid the urge to carry multiple heavy or awkward pieces of luggage into the property at once. Some vacation homes have 3 flights of stairs, so carry only what you can comfortably and remember, a few extra trips can save you hours of pain.

      Sitting on the beach

      When your are relaxing at the beach, make sure to tuck a folded towel in your beach chair to support your low back. I have yet to see a beach chair that is supportive of the spine. Instead, they allow your lower lumbar spine to round into the back of them. This is a poor back position and increases the pressure on the intervertebral discs, the fluid filled cartilage that provides cushioning for your spine. In addition, beach chairs are often low to the ground and straining forward to get up and out of them can cause injury to the spine. If at all possible opt for a beach chair that sits up higher.

      If you are visiting Emerald Isle or the surrounding area and are in pain,  don’t despair, Atlantic Chiropractic can help get you back to beach. Make an appointment by filling out the form below or just click to call from your mobile phone.

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