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      Sports Related Injuries

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      "Dr. Saracina from Atlantic Chiropractic & Rehab has been not only able to fix my back issues within a matter of hours but also fix my hip and IT Band issues from running in marathons all of my life. I am forever indebted."

      Molly G.

      Therapy for Athletes

      Athletes often require a different approach when it comes to the treatment of their injuries.  Often times they are in training and unable to take time off from their workouts.

      Dr. Saracina has undergone extensive post graduate training in myofascial release, advanced taping procedures, and rehabilitative exercise.

      Traditional chiropractic consists of adjusting the spine to restore function to the nervous system, joints and surrounding musculature.  It has many incredible benefits, but is not necessarily able to get you back on the field or pavement if it’s your foot, knee, or hip that is causing your pain.  Likewise, if your shoulder, elbow, or wrist is holding back your tennis game.  While some injuries are acute, an injury from a collision on the football or soccer field or wiping out while surfing, the majority of sports injuries are soft tissue injuries that result from overuse.

      Treatment Factors

      When treating sports injuries the following are addressed:

      • Alignment of the involved joint (or joints)
      • Strength and range of motion in the involved and surrounding muscles
      • Scar tissue, fibrous adhesions, or fascial restrictions that may have developed.
      • Swelling or Edema
      • Inflammation
      • Pain

      Types of Therapy

      Treatment is individualized for each patient, but often involves a combination of the following:

      • Specific stretches to improve flexibility in tight muscles.
      • Specific exercises to strengthen and stabilize the injured area.
      • Cryotherapy (ice) to reduce inflammation
      • Graston Technique, a myofascial release technique to reduce scar tissue, fibrous adhesions, fascial restrictions, and/or swelling.
      • Chiropractic manipulations to restore joint alignment
      • Kinesio taping with Rock Tape to assist in pain control, swelling, and to facilitate healing.

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