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      Sports Related Injuries

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      "Dr. Saracina from Atlantic Chiropractic & Rehab has been not only able to fix my back issues within a matter of hours but also fixed my hip and IT Band issues from running in marathons all of my life. I am forever indebted."

      Molly G.

      Sprains and Strains

      Strains are injuries to the tendons, tissue that connects muscles to bones.

      Sprains are injuries to the ligaments, tissue that connects bones to other bones.

      Sprains and/or strains can lead to joint misalignment, pain and spasm, scar tissue, and altered muscle and joint function.  In some cases, surgery is required to repair the injury.  At Atlantic Chiropractic Dr. Saracina will evaluate your injury and determine if she can help with your injury.  If necessary, a referral will be made to a different provider.  If you are a candidate for treatment typically consists of Graston Technique, Electric Muscle Stimulation, cryotherapy, gentle manipulation of the involved joint. Specific exercises to strengthen and stabilize the injured area.  Kinesio tape may be used to decrease pain and swelling.

      IT Band Syndrome

      IT Band Syndrome is a common injury among runners, cyclists, and athletes participating in sports where they run a lot, think soccer and lacrosse.  Symptoms of IT Band injury often manifest themselves as pain on the outside of the knee but can also cause pain along the outside of the hip and thigh. It can be caused by overuse, pelvis misalignments, tight tissue in your hips or along the side of your leg, weak hip muscles, poor running or biking form, and even wearing the wrong shoes.  Myofascial release, specific stretches and exercises, Kinesio tape, and pelvis realignment are utilized in the treatment of IT Band Syndrome.


      Tendonitis is an inflamation of the tendon, the tissue that connects the muscle to the bone.  It can occur anywhere but most commonly occurs in the Patellar Tendon, Achilles Tendon, Wrist Extensor Tendons (Tennis Elbow), Wrist Flexor Tendons (Golfer’s Elbow).  Tendonitis is often caused by over use.  Myofascial release, specific stretches and exercises, Kinesio tape, and joint realignment are utilized in the treatment of Tendonitis.

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